Learn how Robotic Process Automation helps organizations minimize internal costs and maximize performance.

RPA Benefits

  • 40% - 60% Ops Cost Reduction
  • 0% Error Rates
  • 2x-5x Faster Transaction Lead-times
  • Approximately 30% Higher Capacity Throughput
  • 100% Process compliance
  • 3-12 Months Payback Period (very favorable ROI)
  • 2-8 Weeks Deployment Lead Time
  • Agile Ops Scalability & Higher Flexibility
  • 100% Task Auditability & Compliance
  • NO Interfaces and/or System Integration

About RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a new and disruptive technology that brings significant process performance improvements in back-offices and operations supporting business by using software-programmable robots to perform rules-based, repetitive, labor-intensive type of work usually performed by humans. Simply, most of the dull administrative work can now be done by software (virtual workforce, robots), while humans can move to more complex and value-added work.


  • Lots of manual (DULL) Admin work
  • Lots of process exceptions (and process fragmentation)
  • Lack of OPS flexibility (To cover for peaks, and the growth)
  • Poor data/process outcome quality
  • Low productivity
  • High operating cost
  • Lack of system/IT support in a multisystem environment
  • Frustration & burn-out (attrition, disengagement)

Solution for

  • Rules-based process (non-subjective)
  • Large volumes of transactions (repetitive & routine type of work, peaks)
  • Process requires access to multiple systems
  • Digital & structured input data
  • Process is prone to human error
  • Limited exception handlings situations (high degree of standardization)
  • Limited need for human intervention start-to-finish


DATLOWE make the automation of your company’s internal processes more accessible. We are ready to help you with all the parts of a successful automation solution from beginning to end. Our certified automation developers, together with the support of a team of project managers, will not only guide you through all the pitfalls of the transformation of your processes, but they will also provide you with the necessary methodological and procedural documents using standardized RPA methodology.

We are supporting from beginning to end


In addition to planning and delivery of automation projects we also participate in the creation of their very definition, as well as we evaluate the suitability of the nominated processes for the subsequent automation.


We help our clients choose the best automation strategy through controlled discussions and moderating workshops. We also help companies understand the complexity of automation solution and quantify non/economic benefits of automation of the nominated processes.


We realize nonbinding automation processes in the Proof of Concept form in the test environment where our customers can check the anticipated benefits of automation and evaluate its integration into their processes.


We offer accredited automation developers and solution engineers not only for automation projects but also in cases of the current lack of developers in existing automation teams of our clients. In the form of technological support of the clients’ employees we are involved in the construction and development of automation centres of our customers.



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